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Drosophila x MOD genes
Figure 1 shows unique model organism gene matches in a single Drosophila species.
Figure 2 shows unique MOD gene matches for a given taxanomic grouping.

Drosophila x MOD genes


  • This comparison uses a stringent tBLASTn cutoff of e-10 for protein matches. Matches are made with tBLASTn of eukaryote model organism proteomes to the genome assembly DNA. Data are from ftp://eugenes.org/eugenes/genomes/
  • About 90% of MOD genes that match any Drosophila are matched in all Drosophila, about 9% match in a subset of two or more, and about 1% match in a single Drosophila species.
  • The Dsim assembly used here is dgpg-2004 (syntenic) as the 2005 wu-mosaic has some yeast genome contamination with a spurious yeast gene count. The Dyak assembly used here has removed yeast genome contamination. See data/dyak/yeastcontamination for blastresults of Dyak chromosome "U" against Sacch. cervisae genome with many 1kb - 3kb exact or near exact match regions.

Don Gilbert, 15 Nov 2005

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department