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Drosophila x MOD genes

This figure shows number of matches to model organism genes for Drosophila species genomes (year 2005 assemblies). Differences in species count from that of D. melanogaster is shown.


  • This comparison uses a stringent tBLASTn cutoff of e-10 for protein matches.
  • Matches are made with tBLASTn of eukaryote model organism proteomes to the genome assembly DNA. Data are from ftp://eugenes.org/eugenes/genomes/
  • These differences may or may not be statistically significant; they haven't been tested yet. Of more interest, the specific genes differing may be low or high quality matches. They may or may not be of biological significance.
  • Dsim is off the chart here, as the genome assembly used is based on lower coverage (3x) for one of several strains sequenced.
  • The first Dyak assembly had several unique Yeast genes, due apparently to to contamination of this assembly with yeast genome. These have been removed from the analysis. See data/dyak/yeastcontamination for blastresults of Dyak chromosome "U" against Sacch. cervisae genome with many 1kb - 3kb exact or near exact match regions.
  • A general loss of gene matches to full proteomes is difficult to distinguished from incomplete genome sequencing and assembly, without other information. The Dgri assembly may fall in that category. See also D. melanogaster genematches chart.

Don Gilbert, 12 Nov 2005

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department