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Predicted Gene counts in Drosophila genomes, 2006-08

See also Table of Gene Predictions Compared for sensitivity to old and new genes, and specificity to genes with evidence.

Predicted Genes in Drosophila genomes

Key: (Source of Gene prediction data sets)
DGIL_SNO: SNAP predictor using homology evidence
RGUI_GID: geneid predictor
NCBI_GNO: GNOMON predictor using homology evidence
BREN_NSC: N-SCAN predictor using homology evidence
EISE_CGW: GeneWise (Dmel gene mapping)
PACH_GMP: GeneMapper (Dmel gene mapping)
OXFD_GPI: Oxford gene pipeline (exonerate with Dmel gene mapping)
EISE_GLN: Glean prediction combiner
EISE_GLR: Glean prediction combiner, Dmel gene focus
UMD_JIG: Jigsaw prediction combiner

Don Gilbert, August 2006

Table 2. Drosophila species genome annotations (partial list) included at DroSpeGe, contributed at http://rana.lbl.gov/drosophila/wiki/index.php/Annotation_Submission

Annotation Description
S. Batzoglou Lab, Stanford BATZ_CNA: CONTRAST (6) predictions
M. Brent Lab, Washington Univ., St. Louis BREN_NSC: N-SCAN (7) predictions with melanogaster alignments
D. Gilbert Lab, Indiana University DGIL_SNO: SNAP (8) predictions, model organism gene homologies
M. Eisen Lab, UC Berkeley/LBNL EISE_CGW: GeneWise (9), EISE_CGM: GeneMapper (10), EISE_CEX: Exonerate (11) annotations
R. Guigó Genome Bioinformatics Lab, Barcelona GUI_GID: Geneid (12) predictions
J. Ostell lab, NCBI, Bethesda NCBI_GNO: Gnomon (13) predictions
B. Oliver Lab, LCDB, NIDDK, NIH OLIV_EXP: Gene expression evidence from microarray (14)
L. Pachter Lab, UC Berkeley PACH_GMP: GeneMapper (10) annotations
C. Ponting Lab, MRC FGU Oxford OXFD_GPI: Gene prediction pipeline (15) with Exonerate


Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department