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Drosophila gene prediction assessment

How well do gene predictors find new genes found by other methods?
Test using coding sequence identified for new Dyak (9) and Dere (1) genes from

Recently Evolved Genes Identified From Drosophila yakuba and D. erecta Accessory Gland Expressed Sequence Tags
David J. Begun, Heather A. Lindfors, Melissa E. Thompson and Alisha K. Holloway
Section of Evolution and Ecology, University of California, Davis, California 95616
Genetics, Vol. 172, 1675-1681, March 2006, Copyright 2006 doi:10.1534/genetics.105.050336

Use the web links in the "match link" column to view annotations at the site of these BLAST-located coding sequence of new genes. Score the gene predictions here.

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yakuba_Acp2241606 dyak_caf051213:chr2L .. GFF

yakuba_Acp157a1310.8 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp157a112 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF

yakuba_Acp225952 dyak_caf051213:chr3R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp225250 dsec_br051028:scaffold_13 .. GFF
yakuba_Acp225210.6 dsim_wu050602:chr3R .. GFF

yakuba_Acp134476 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp134297.4 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp134119 dmel_r4.1:2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp134115 dere_caf060210:scaffold_4845 .. GFF
yakuba_Acp134101 dsec_br051028:scaffold_1 .. GFF

yakuba_Acp2231378 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp223213 dere_caf060210:scaffold_4845 .. GFF
yakuba_Acp223135.8 dsec_br051028:scaffold_337 .. GFF

yakuba_Acp133767 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp133230.7 dsim_wu050602:chr2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp133230.7 dsec_br051028:scaffold_1 .. GFF
yakuba_Acp133232 dmel_r4.1:2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp133404 dere_caf060210:scaffold_4845 .. GFF

yakuba_Acp158850 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF

yakuba_Gene144525 dyak_caf051213:chr2L .. GFF

yakuba_Acp1571223 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF
yakuba_Acp157181.8 dyak_caf051213:chr2R .. GFF

erecta_Acp1001249 dere_caf060210:scaffold_4929 .. GFF
erecta_Acp100123.9 dyak_caf051213:chr2L .. GFF
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New gene dyak-acps-begun.fasta and Source data, code for this table

Don Gilbert, may 06

my results:

Method    Score
DGIL_SNP        74
NCBI_GNO        32
EISE_CGM        10
OXFD_GPI        2
PACH_GMP        0
FlyGeneHSP      20

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department