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Drosophila species genomes: D. melanogaster gene matches

Figure 1 shows number of unique matches from D. melanogaster proteins to Drosophila species genome assemblies. The Dmel column shows the maximum gene count. Figure 2 shows duplicate gene matches. CAF1 (late 2005/2006) reduced duplicate Dmel matches notably, with a small increase (10s) of Dmel matches. Year 2005 assemblies (asm2) are higher quality, with more unique matches and fewer duplicate matches, than prior assemblies (asm1). Matches are made with tBLASTn of Dmel proteins to the genome assembly DNA. The UCSC Dmel protein reference set (13449 genes with 18941 proteins) differs from the euGenes protein set (single longest protein from each of 13472 genes) so these two are not strictly comparable. UCSC and euGenes are not using same 2004 assemblies.

Don Gilbert, February 2006

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department