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Drosophila species genome maps

GBrowse: Drosophila species assemblies located on D.melanogaster
Overview of Muller Elements and Synteny in Drosophila Genomes

Individual species maps

Acyrthosiphon pisum (pea aphid)   Daphnia pulex (water flea)   Nasonia vitripennis (jewel wasp)  
Drosophila ananassae    Drosophila erecta    Drosophila grimshawi    Drosophila melanogaster    Drosophila mojavensis    Drosophila persimilis    Drosophila pseudoobscura    Drosophila sechellia    Drosophila simulans    Drosophila virilis    Drosophila willistoni    Drosophila yakuba   

Chr. X / Muller-A   Chr. 2L / Muller-B   Chr. 2R / Muller-C   Chr. 3L / Muller-D   Chr. 3R / Muller-E   Chr. 4 / Muller-F  
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Dmel Chromosome arm X / Muller-A
Dmel Chromosome arm 2L / Muller-B
Dmel Chromosome arm 2R / Muller-C
Dmel Chromosome arm 3L / Muller-D
Dmel Chromosome arm 3R / Muller-E
Dmel Chromosome arm 4 / Muller-F

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