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Bulk genome data

Database: FlyBase Chado DB r4
Species: Drosophila_melanogaster
Release: r4.2.0, dated 20051104 as dmel_r4.2_20051104

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory 19-Jun-2008 13:51 - [TXT] Release.txt 25-Dec-2005 21:43 1k [DIR] blast/ 25-Dec-2005 06:18 - [DIR] fasta/ 25-Dec-2005 06:17 - [DIR] fff/ 25-Dec-2005 05:17 - [DIR] gff/ 25-Dec-2005 22:10 - [DIR] tables/ 25-Dec-2005 21:43 -

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Format   Sequence (FastA) Features (GFF)  

Feature Type (for FastA)
Protein-coding Gene Transcript Protein CDS
Gene region +/- 2000bp 5' UTR 3' UTR Intron
Transposable Element tRNA misc RNA Pseudogene

Sequence Region
Chromosome arm
2L .. 2R .. 3L .. 3R .. 4 .. X .. or All chromosomes


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