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2008-06: Pea aphid genome added
2007-10: Drosophila species EST added


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Species genomes:
Acyrthosiphon_pisum Pea aphid [S,G,P]
Drosophila melanogaster [C,G,P] Drosophila yakuba [C] CAF1
Drosophila simulans [C] CAF1 Drosophila sechellia [S] CAF1
Drosophila ananassae [S] CAF1 Drosophila erecta [S] CAF1
Drosophila pseudoobscura [C,G,P] CAF1 Drosophila persimilis [S] CAF1
Drosophila mojavensis [S] CAF1 Drosophila willistoni [S] CAF1
Drosophila virilis [S] CAF1 Drosophila grimshawi [S] CAF1

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Genome data key: C = published Chromosomes (may be partial); S = preliminary assembly Scaffolds; G = genome Genes; P = genome Proteins; E = EST/cDNA; - = no data yet
D = Databank sequences (NT) from GenBank/EMBL, RefSeq; Databank proteins (AA) from UniProt, RefSeqp, GenPept;

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