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DroSpeGe: Drosophila Species Genomes

This service provides a view of Drosophila genome data, with genome maps and BLAST sequence search, for these species.

2019-April: Now archived at Jetstream-cloud.org

  Genes from DrosMel RNA-Seq   Gene Assembly of Drosophila modEncode RNA-Seq, with new software : 2009-Sept
  Arthropod Genomes
Arthropod genomes phylogenic tree
  Summary of arthropod genomes with ortholog clusters, blast, etc. : 2010-January
  Aphid Genome   Draft pea aphid genome with new predictions, protein maps, cDNA assemblies : 2008-June
  Transcriptome expression   DrosMel tile expression gene predictions (Affymetrix, modEncode) : 2008-May
  Daphnia genome   This new arthropod waterflea genome offers a comparative outgroup to insects: 2007-July
  Gene gain/loss in GO groups     Gains and losses in gene groups (GO) are found for species. : 2006-Dec
  About DroSpeGe paper   DroSpeGe: Rapid access database for new Drosophila species genomes. NAR, 2007
  2000 New D.mel Genes & Exons     Preliminary phylogenetic assessment of missing D. melanogaster genes and exons. 2006-Aug
  BioMart : DroSpeGe     a tool for mining homologies and annotations of Drosophila genomes. Updated 2006-Aug
  TeraGrid "flies" fast for genomes     Fruitfly genomes are analyzed rapidly on US TeraGrid shared cyberinfrastructure 2006-June
  Common Chromosomes     Overview of Muller Elements and Synteny in Drosophila Genomes 2006-Feb
  Twelve Genomes !     Twelve Drosophila species genomes with over 2 Billion nucleotides. (D. willistoni map) 2006-Feb
The new BIOSCI/Bionet newsgroup ARTHROPOD provides a public forum for discussion and collaboration of shared biology interests among scientists studying species of Arthropoda (moderated). Please join and contribute to the discussion. Arthropods are the largest phylum of animals and include the insects, arachnids, crustaceans, and others. Topics of major interest for this list include Evolution and phylogenetics of arthropods; Genomics including comparative genomics, databases and resources; Vector arthropods of human and agricultural diseases.

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Don Gilbert, 2009 October

Please mail your comments and help requests to drospege @ eugenes.org.
This project is supported by a grant to D. Gilbert from the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health .

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department