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Index of /genome/Saccharomyces_cerevisiae/scer_20070531/tables

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[DIR] Parent Directory 16-Oct-2007 20:28 - [TXT] analyses-overview.html 16-Oct-2007 20:28 1k [TXT] analyses-overview.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:18 1k [TXT] chromosomes-overview.html 16-Oct-2007 20:28 3k [TXT] chromosomes-overview.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:28 1k [TXT] feature_map-summary.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:28 1k [TXT] feature_table-summary.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:20 1k [TXT] features-overview.html 16-Oct-2007 20:28 5k [TXT] features-overview.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:18 2k [TXT] gene_association.SGD_scer.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:28 2.2M [TXT] organisms-overview.html 16-Oct-2007 20:28 1k [TXT] organisms-overview.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:18 1k [TXT] properties-overview.html 16-Oct-2007 20:28 1k [TXT] properties-overview.txt 16-Oct-2007 20:18 1k

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