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Drosophila_melanogaster Genome BLAST

Data release r4.2.0
Data sets for BLAST search

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    All Drosophila_melanogaster genome chromosome arms (NT) dmel-chromosome 25-Dec-2005 Whole genome by chromosome arms
    Predicted Drosophila_melanogaster genes (NT) dmel-transcript 25-Dec-2005 Complete transcript (CDS + UTR) for all of the genes
    Predicted Drosophila_melanogaster proteins (AA) dmel-translation 25-Dec-2005 Peptide translations for all of the genes
    All dmel gene (NT) dmel-gene 25-Dec-2005
    All dmel miscRNA (NT) dmel-miscRNA 25-Dec-2005
    All dmel pseudogene (NT) dmel-pseudogene 25-Dec-2005
    All dmel scaffold (NT) dmel-scaffold 25-Dec-2005
    All dmel tRNA (NT) dmel-tRNA 25-Dec-2005
    Intergenic Drosophila_melanogaster sequence (NT) dmel-intergenic 25-Dec-2005 Intergeneic regions -- genome sequence between genes
    key: AA = protein, NT = nucleotide. To download databases, visit the Sequence Download Page

  • Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department