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EvidentialGene Voting Machine for Pea Aphid

Vote for the best gene models at a locus at Pea aphid2 Gbrowse map, by clicking on gene model to vote for it. Choices are
  1. Best model, promote to best for a locus
  2. Alternate transcript, call as alternate were evidence supports
  3. Drop or demote as poor model
  4. None, say no models are good enough for this locus
  5. Skip this locus, saying there is no gene here (or not enough evidence for one).

These choices are then placed in the A BEST User Choice Track. They will be visible when you Update Image, or turn off Display Setting: [ ] Cache tracks to update each time.

You can View Gene Details, with annotations of evidence for the model, and you can View Changes Table, with a list of all genes voted for.
Your expert choice of gene models will improve the automated best model selection, which is not as good at this as a human can be.

For model choices, see the GBrowse aphid2 Tracks for Predictions (Consensus6 and Consensus3 sometimes have the best), and Rnaseq_Asm: Cufflinks v7 has many good models. You can also choose from Genome features: ACYPI genes (version 1), and RefSeq genes. Consensus7 and Consensus7 PASA update are current automated best gene set (but will be updated).

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department