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Index of /genes2/evigene/docs/annotate_user/kfannots

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[DIR] Parent Directory 14-Feb-2014 13:36 - [IMG] genejoin_sc2x.png 09-Sep-2012 20:29 16k [IMG] joinorsplit_sc2Fh114-5.png 09-Sep-2012 20:39 16k [IMG] plectin1manyparts_sc160.png 13-Sep-2012 15:14 22k [IMG] plectin1or2fishmix_s1000.png 13-Sep-2012 14:49 19k [IMG] plectin3_q_sc759.png 13-Sep-2012 15:04 19k [IMG] plectin_split_sc760.png 13-Sep-2012 15:00 15k [IMG] split3fish8g2508_sc6.png 11-Sep-2012 12:53 16k [IMG] toobigFISH10096addalt_s567.png 11-Sep-2012 13:55 16k [IMG] toosmallFISH10117_s1013.png 11-Sep-2012 14:17 15k [IMG] toosmallFISH10140badaa_s1049.png 11-Sep-2012 14:22 18k [IMG] votegene1.png 14-Sep-2012 20:57 52k [IMG] votegene2.png 14-Sep-2012 20:59 61k

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