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Start BioMart BioMart : DroSpeGe provides a tool for mining homologies and annotations of twelve Drosophila species genomes.

You can select genome regions with the available annotations, and exclude others, and download tables or sequences of the selection set. For instance, select the regions with Mosquito gene homologs, but lacking D. melanogaster gene homologs. Or select regions with gene predictions but no known homolog.

DroSpeGe's BioMart is built with another GMOD Tool : gff2biomart perl script. It will turn most genome GFF data into BioMart data.

Updated August 2006: new gene predictions, table hyperlinks to Gbrowse maps. Examples showing Dmel-gene matches where there are no GleanR exons: Dyak Dmoj
Find the mart database dump at ftp://eugenes.org/eugenes/biomart/drospege_mart_caf1/

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers. Please send comments to drospege At eugenes.org.


BioMart is a generic data management system which offers a range of advanced query interfaces and administration tools.

The system comes with built-in support for query-optimisation and database fedaration. BioMart provides users with the ability to conduct fast, powerful queries using either web, graphical, or text based applications, or programatically using software libraries written in Perl and Java. For data providers, the system simplifies the task of integrating their own data with other datasets hosted on the network.

Find out more at www.biomart.org

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department